Anne Wimpenny

Careers Leader

Careers information published on the website is regularly updated with a full annual review by the end of September.

The school regularly measures and assesses the impact of careers through:

  • Destinations data for both Post-16 and Post-18 students
  • School Development Plan evaluation
  • Surveys/questionnaires/feedback from a range of stakeholders

Sixth Form

Planning Your Future

As students prepare for life in the Sixth Form, it is essential that we prepare them for life beyond school. The post-18 university and employment marketplace is as competitive as it has ever been, and so our aim is to empower our students to make the right life choices. Our pathways programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge and transferrable skills they need to succeed across a diverse range of courses and careers in this competitive environment.

Students choose their pathway on the basis of our personalised careers information and guidance. Essentially, the choice is steered by longer term aspirations, based on whether there is a strong preference towards going to university or beginning a career straight after leaving school.

The UCAS pathwayis designed to prepare students for higher education. There is a comprehensive package including access to an online resource called Unifrog (which helps students make informed decisions about universities and courses that are available), university exhibitions, UCAS workshops and mock interviews. All students are allocated a personal UCAS mentor, and there is enhanced provision for the Early Applicant Group. Students will also follow the EPQ study skills programme.

The Professional pathwayfully prepares students for employment. Students are encouraged to participate actively in work experience opportunities, and will engage with the valuable ‘Employability for Life Charter Plus’, which promotes the acquisition and demonstration of highly valued employment soft skills. This is endorsed by Essex employers. Students will work with experts in the field of apprenticeships, and meet with representatives of businesses to gain valuable knowledge and insights into securing jobs.

is a more flexible route, which enables students to choose aspects from both the UCAS and Professional pathways. The purpose is to continue exploring both university and employment options, possibly leading to students making applications for both, whilst leaving a final decision until examination results are published. Alternatively some students will make a firm choice earlier in the Sixth Form and focus their efforts on securing either a university place or taking their first steps on a career ladder.

We also offer individual meetings with our independent careers advisor. Ultimately we want all of our students to achieve the qualifications and have skillsets that will enable them to be confident and successful, whatever their future ambitions.


An apprenticeship, which must last for a minimum of 12 months, combines hands-on work with the opportunity to train and obtain qualifications. It’s also a paid position, so you earn while you learn. At least 20% of your time is set aside for learning, usually at a college, university or with a training provider.

The rest of your time is spent applying your knowledge and skills in the workplace, doing the job that you set out to get. At the end of it, you’ll gain official certification, which will be equivalent to traditional qualifications.

Apprenticeship levels are set and equivalent to the traditional qualifications listed below:

  • 2 (Intermediate): GCSEs

  • 3 (Advanced): A-levels

  • 4 (Higher): Foundation Degree

  • 5 (Higher): Foundation Degree/first year of Bachelor’s Degree

  • 6 (Degree): Bachelor’s Degree

  • 7 (Degree): Master’s Degree

There is no maximum age limit for an apprenticeship, but students must be aged 16 or over, living in England and not in full-time education.

Apprenticeships are available in over 600 occupations, including Nursing, Digital Marketing and even Bee Keeping!

To find out more, and to search and apply please use the link below.

To look at current vacancies and opportunities, please use the following website.

Anne Wimpenny,Careers Lead