We hope that this area of the website will give you lots of useful information about the school. We hope it will be useful not only to pupils currently at the school, but also to anyone thinking of joining the school in the future.

Pupil Resources


One of our online learning sites that supports students, teacher and parents in order to better prepare for their examinations. GCSE Pods essentially act as a revision tool.


One of our online learning sites that details homework information, deadlines and attachments. Any Homework set out by our teachers will be visible here.


Our exams page is filled with files and links intended to provide information about the examinations taken by our pupils such as exam regulations, equipment required and timetables.

Year 6 Transition

At ߴýwe recognise what a big step choosing a secondary school can be. 

We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of staff supporting Year 7 as well as our E-Mentoring project and our transition packs.

Key Stage Curriculum

The key stage curriculum has been organised into blocks of years known as ‘key stages’ (KS). At the end of each key stage, the teacher will formally assess performance.


Extra-Curricular Activities & Clubs

We aim to produce pupils that are well rounded in all areas and actively encourage our pupils to participate in a wide selection of activities. For more information on the extra-curricular activities available at ߴýSchool visit our Extra-Curricular page.

Our library is equipped with over 13,000 resources, newspapers, magazines and of course thousands of books.
To find out more about our sixth form admissions, resources and advice check out our sixth form centre.
To find out more about our Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Pupils, check out our RBHIP information centre.

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