Issue 1026: 1st December 2023

Behaviour/Movement Around the School, Royal Navy Visit, Meal Deal, Christmas Concert, Snow Closure!, End/Beginning of Term

Issue 1025: 23rd November 2023

Headteacher’s Achievement Time, Term Dates

Issue 1024: 17th November 2023

NCA National Cyber Crime Awareness Campaign, Christmas Events, Inset Day – Friday 24th November

Issue 1023: 10th November 2023

Sweyne Park: A Case Study in Sustainable Collaboration, Sixth Form Open Evening, Updating Personal Details, Coming Soon: PE Communications on Instagram, **Key Dates Correction**

Issue 1022: 3rd November 2023

Feedback Policy, Fundraising, Catering Service, Key Dates

Issue 1021: 20th October 2023

Refurbishment Works, Meal Deal, School Nurse, Trip to Château de la Baudonnière

Issue 1020: 13th October 2023

Uniform, Road Safety, Achievements Outside of School, Coming Soon

Issue 1019: 6th October 2023

The School Day, Free School Meals, School Uniform Donations

Issue 1018: 29th September 2023

Open Evening, Fire Drill, COVID Rules, School Photos – Deadline for Free Delivery
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